The key to success in business in any enterprise always is a team. Its experience and knowledge. 

Data Security Solutions has highly qualified, recognized and experienced in the Baltic's market team, which value precision, honesty and confidentiality in relations to its Customers and Partners. 

Andris Soroka

Managing director

Founder and co-owner of internationally known IT Security company "Data Security Solutions". Organizer of one of the most remarkable and biggest IT Security events in the Baltic States "DSS ITSEC", co-organizer of international IT Security event "IT Security Headlight". Speaker in number of local and international technology and security events, including global IBM technology forum "Pulse 2014" in Las Vegas. Participant of ENISA Awareness Raising community, IBNC business networking community, member of Latvian IT Cluster, The Latvian Telecommunication Association, The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association. Experienced innovative and enterprise technology project leader with number of globally known technology implementation success stories, advisor to some technology vendors. In free time, when such miracle happens plays snooker, squash, sports bridge.

Specialist contact info:
+371 29162784 [email protected]

Raivis Kalniņš

Technical Director

Raivis is one of the highest qualified IT Security engineers in the Baltic States. He has number of unique certifications of more than 20 different IT Security vendor technologies, including Endpoint, Network, Data, Governance and Identity based security technologies. He is a system integrator with international experience where in more than 50 projects he managed all project's cycle - from planning, scoping and sizing to integration, end user and IT pro's training and technical support.
Specialist contact info:
+371 26113545 [email protected]

Arturs Filatovs

Business Development Executive

Experienced participant of development of the IT Security world in the Baltics States and Poland. For number of years is developing value added distribution business in responsible regions with great number of partner companies and with over 20 different leading names of IT Security vendors from over 10 different countries world wide.
Specialist contact info:
+371 27194080 [email protected]

Artūrs Garmašovs

Pre-Sales Manager

Security system testing, consulting and integration, training and technical support.
Specialist contact info:
+371 28865481 [email protected]

Kristīne Kuzmane

Sales and Marketing Manager

Marketing and Events manager, responsible for 50+ annual events DSS is involved in Baltics and internationally, including organization of Baltics biggest international annual conference DSS ITSEC. In free time having fun by participating in darts tournaments.
Specialist contact info:
+371 27750244 [email protected]

Customer feedback

“In collaboration with system integrator Data Security Solutions, we looked at different vendors and compared them to each other. Finally, we selected VASCO for its best price/performance ratio”.
Dainis Bairs. ERGO
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