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In 21st Century digital era information systems (IT) have huge impact on efficiency of business. But cyber culture is developing faster than cyber security. All IT systems are made by humans and not by angels, we tend to make mistakes. Every IT system is vulnerable and at risk not only because of disloyal employees and competitors but also to pirates of digital era – cybercriminals. “DSS” provides information security services to help companies of all sizes protect their IT security assets.  

Voice Call and SMS Encryption

Cellcrypt Mobile™ is a downloadable application that runs on off-the-shelf cell phones such as Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone® and Nokia® smartphones and uses government-grade security for protecting sensitive voice calls against interception

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To avoid things like these!


"Cellcrypt enables mobile personnel to use off-the-shelf cell phones to communicate securely and easily, without changing their normal calling routine"


Easy to Use

Cellcrypt Mobile's intuitive user interface makes a secure call as easy as making a normal call:

  • To make a call, users simply open the Cellcrypt Mobile application by selecting the icon on their phone, manually enter a Cellcrypt secure number (or select a previously saved contact from the Cellcrypt address book) and press send
  • Cellcrypt Mobile needs to be running on both devices so that both can encrypt/decrypt the voice call at each end to provide security along the entire path between the callers
  • It also uses the data channel (IP) rather than voice channel so both devices also need to be connected to the internet using standard data connectivity provided by the service provider
  • Government-grade cryptography is used to check the identity of each device on the call and then encrypt the call
  • The recipient’s phone rings or vibrates, automatically shows the Cellcrypt Mobile screen and displays an incoming call
  • If the call is accepted a normal conversation is conducted until one of the callers hangs up. The caller is notified if the recipient is busy or not online

Secure Messaging on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone


To counter interception vulnerabilities of standard SMS and IM, Cellcrypt Mobile includes a secure messaging feature which brings end-to-end encryption to textual messages. Cellcrypt Mobile’s encrypted messaging sends secure messages directly between BlackBerry, Android and iPhone smartphones.

Designed for real-time, short-lived messages, similar to information exchanged via voice calls, Cellcrypt Mobile delivers encrypted messages directly when both parties are connected. This avoids the storing and forwarding of messages, which users typically don’t want when sending time-sensitive information, preferring instead that the messages be sent immediately and deleted as soon as read. Cellcrypt Mobile delivers encrypted voice calls using government-certified public key and symmetric cryptography and its secure messaging uses the same architecture but sends text data, rather than voice data.



In any product, security is only as strong as:

  • The strength of the encryption it uses
  • The security of the secret keys used to unlock the encryption
  • The integrity of the product implementation and the trustworthiness of the supplier

Cellcrypt Mobile uses encryption algorithms that are recommended for military and government secure communications and its secret keys never leave the mobile device. The product has been tested by third parties and validated  to several government standards including US NIST FIPS 140-2 (certificate #1310) for its cryptography.

High Performance


All communications products that rely on cellular networks are dependent on the strength, availability and reliability of the underlying radio network for their performance. Cellcrypt understands this industry problem and is one of few companies to deliver specific technology solutions for optimizing performance in poor and variable wireless conditions, including its Encrypted Mobile Content Protocol™ and Encrypted Content Delivery Network™. 

Cellcrypt Mobile automatically switches to the highest quality network that the handset is connected to so that Wi-Fi™ is selected in preference to cellular networks. Also calls work across changing cellular networks (for example if a 3G connection is degraded by the carrier to an EDGE or GPRS connection) even as the call is in progress. Callers can be on different networks in different countries for example Wi-Fi at one end and GPRS at the other.

Easy to Set Up


Setting up Cellcrypt Mobile on a cell phone is easy:

  • Users send a serial number of their phone to Cellcrypt and the secure number they want to use.
  • The Cellcrypt Mobile software application is then transferred to the user for installation. The easiest transfer method is via a download link contained in an SMS sent by Cellcrypt to the user (if a phone number is given). It can also be sent by email or on a storage device for loading from a PC, or provisioned from a device management application such as BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • A standard mobile application download procedure is then completed including validation checks by the handset to ensure the authenticity of the Cellcrypt Mobile software application.

If the phone is lost or stolen, Cellcrypt Mobile can be disabled remotely, instantly.


  • Strong end-to-end encryption
  • US Government FIPS 140-2 validated (cert# number 1310)


  • Runs on popular smartphones such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia
  • No specialist equipment required
  • Intuitive user experience, runs in background & integrates with device phonebook

Secure Messaging

  • Makes text-based messaging private and secure on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone


  • High call quality with low latency
  • Operates on all data-capable wireless networks
  • International calling in over 200 countries
  • Secure calling to landlines with Cellcrypt Enterprise Gateway™





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